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Oops! We foster failed :)

Piper is officially our dog! She's the dark gray one in the pictures to the left. We decided we couldn't part with her and that she belonged in our home for the remainder of her life. She has adjusted so well to living here, and she and Arizona have become like siblings. I'm really proud of the progress she's made since her first week with us back in March.

We entertained a few potential adopters but they all saw the same thing in her - she's already 9 years old and she still needs a lot of work to be the dog they wanted her to be. Clayton and I saw quite the opposite - we saw just how far she had already come! Maybe we're being selfish by keeping her here with us, but we fell in love with her and I hope she has fallen in love with us. Her favorite activities are snoring on the couch, busting every squeaker toy possible, and going for short, slow walks. She does a happy dance every time we feed her or walk toward the front door. She's just plain adorable.

Unfortunately we won't be doing any more long term fosters because 3 dogs would be too much for us to handle. But we still plan to do some doggie day trips and maybe some weekend fostering to continue to help out the shelter. Clayton has already done quite a few volunteer hours for them and I have done one shift at the shelter so far. We've also donated quite a few beds, toys, and bags of food to help them out. There are so many ways we can help the shelter outside of fostering.

If you're an animal lover interested in helping our your local animal shelter, find them online or give them a call. Most are in desperate need for more volunteers and resources to continue to give the best care possible to their dogs, cats, and other animals. Our local shelter does phenomenal work and deserves every penny and hour that we've given to them, plus much more.

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